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The dust is beginning to settle after a whirlwind week where I went to Annual Conference, Alan took the youth from Andrews UMC backpacking, the kids went to grandma’s house, and then we all reconvened in Andrews for our last Sunday. We’ve now spent two nights in the parsonage. With every emptied box, meal eaten, and laugh shared it is transforming from a “house” into a “home.”

We are so glad to be here, and deeply grateful for all you did to pave the way! Some of you did hands on work to prepare the parsonage and help us move in. Many of you sent emails and cards to let us know you share our excitement in this appointment. I’m very grateful to any of you who have held us in prayer. What could have been a stressful time has been a very good time because of your love and care. Thank you!

While Alan goes to work as normal, the kids and I will spend the remainder of this week unpacking. On Friday we’ll shift gears into vacation mode: a weekend camping trip in Smokemont, followed by a trip to Florida over the Fourth of July to see my brothers and their families. We feel very fortunate to have this time to catch our breath, get our lives in order, and have a little fun together!

Then, on Monday, July 8th, comes the day I’ve been waiting for: my first day in the office! Ever since we learned of this appointment, every step along the way has made us even more excited. I can easily sense God’s call and direction in leading us here. I am already proud to be your pastor, and can’t wait to make it official during our one worship service at 10am on July 14th!

Much love,