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“Spiritual disciplines” are things we do to stay in love with God and grow in faith.  They can be things we do alone or together; they can be ways to spend time with God or to serve others.  As the people of Sylva First UMC share one of their spiritual disciplines with you each week, we hope it will inspire you to new ways of loving God and growing in faith.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have been drawn to the wonders of life outside. I remember in Fall you could hear the leaves fall and smell the burning leaves as I built leaf houses with my neighbors, entertaining ourselves by creating stories of living in the various rooms.  In Winter, our favorite place was to be underneath the Hemlock trees with their boughs heavy, laden with snow touching the ground and creating a small space of silence from the outside world. On Winter nights it was walking under a midnight blue sky seeing thousands of tiny stars sparkling and listening to the crunch of snow under our feet. Spring was the feel of mud in puddles squishing between our toes after a rain storm and Summer was swimming and canoeing in cool lake water.

Today, I go quietly outside, sit in my swing under the high canopy of the black walnut trees to hear the wind blow through the leaves; watch the ripple of the jewel weed as it waves to me; listen to the water falling down the mountain and smell the dampness of the ferns and moss in the woods. As I absorb carefully the life around me of birdsong, the drone of bees and the chatter of bugs – I feel all these wonders that are shared with me from the Master of Creation and I never fail to be inspired and thankful for these gifts.

Kathy is the chair of our Faith Development Team, which works to coordinate the ministries of our church so that we might experience Christ at Sylva FUMC through opportunities to worship, learn, connect, serve, and grow.