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  • Big Story: Exile November 11, 2019
    2 Chronicles 36:15-21 As we work our way even deeper into the “big story” of the Old Testament, we better revisit that timeline from last week: 2000 B.C.:  Abraham his ancestors 1700 B.C.:  Famine leads the Israelites to Egypt 1260 B.C.:  The Exodus from Egypt 1220 B.C.:  Into the Promised Land; period of the Judges […]
  • Big Story: Kings November 4, 2019
    1 Samuel 8:1-9 We’ve worked our way pretty deep into God’s “Big Story.”  We’ve hit some high highs and some low lows… and now we’re four weeks in with two more to go.  So let’s pause to get our bearings.  Here’s where we’re at (timeline credit to Disciple Bible Study): 2000 B.C.:  Abraham and Sarah; […]
  • Big Story: Slavery & Freedom October 28, 2019
    God’s story is a big story. We’ve hit three major plot points so far:  creation by God, sin by humanity, and covenant with Abraham and Sarah.  In order to cover the biggest highs (and lows) in just 7 weeks, we’re now going to skip over some of the best stories in the Bible:  Isaac and […]

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