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  • Naughty or Nice December 8, 2019
    Matthew 3:1-12 Last week I told you that I’m more of a Christmas slacker than a Christmas prepper.  I’m not ready for Christmas yet, and I probably won’t be until December 24th.  But – I’m also a list maker, so if I have any hope of getting ready for Christmas, I’ve got to make a […]
  • The *Right* Kind of Ready December 2, 2019
    Matthew 24:36-44 Thanksgiving is over; it’s time to get ready for Christmas! Or at least it is in my house.  We’re in the wait-until-after-Thanksgiving camp of Christmas preparation.  Until after that last Thursday in November comes and goes, there shall be no buying the Christmas tree, no hanging the lights, no playing Christmas music.  Even […]
  • Where to Sit November 24, 2019
    Luke 14:1, 7-14 Today, I better start with a confession:  my mind isn’t 100% in Sylva, NC (where I get to live and serve).  It’s at least 25% in LaGrange, GA – my dad’s hometown and the site of almost every Thanksgiving of my 41 years.  I’m thinking about how tomorrow we’ll pack; how on […]

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