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  • What does a pastor do? July 15, 2019
    Luke 10:25-37 Wow:  it’s hard to believe that I’m here! I got the call that this would be my new appointment back in April – which isn’t that long ago, really, but it’s felt like a long time to wait.  We’ve been thinking about and praying about and getting ready for this day for months.  […]
  • Holy Mystery June 17, 2019
    Today is “Trinity Sunday” on our church calendar – a day many pastors dread, because explaining the Trinity is so darn difficult.  Don’t believe me?  You try it.  How do you explain that God is Father, Son, *and* Holy Ghost – all at the same time?  Yes, yes – I know the analogies and metaphors […]
  • Church: Jerks In Recovery June 10, 2019
    Today is Pentecost Sunday.  Today we remember when the Holy Spirit arrived; but instead of calling it “Holy Spirit Day,” we call it “Pentecost” because it happened during the Jewish festival of that same name. Being a festival day, the tight streets of Jerusalem were surging with people.  The disciples weren’t in the streets, though; […]

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