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Easter Sunday Worship at Home

Scripture:  John 20:1-18 Action:  “Early in the morning…” Get up early – for sunrise if you can.  Read this passage as you watch light come into the new day.  Imagine light coming into your heart, your mind, your life – Christ is risen!  Repeat Mary Magdalene’s words to the disciples out loud:  “I have seen […]

Holy Saturday Worship at Home

Scripture:  Matthew 27:57-66 Action:  Turn off your phone and all noise-making machines in your home.  After you read the passage, sit in silence for 15 minutes as a way to keep watch with Jesus (it may help to set a timer).  When the period of silence ends, say a simple prayer like, “Jesus, thank you for […]

Good Friday Worship at Home

Scripture:  John 18:1 – 19:42 Action:  Read this passage at or near 3pm, the time when Jesus died.  Go into the darkest place in your house.  Turn off all the lights and sit quietly for a few moments.  Imagine the sorrow and pain that Jesus and his followers must have felt that day. It begins […]

Daily Scripture Readings

Week of May 25-30, 2020

Sunday:  Acts 21Paul is arrested for bringing Greeks into the temple, which some say “defiled” the temple.  Who are we likely to judge unfairly for coming to church – as though they “defile” it? 

Monday:  Acts 22Paul tells the story of how he came to Jesus.  How would your story go?  Remember, it doesn’t have to be as dramatic as Paul’s – however you came to know Jesus makes a good story!

Tuesday:  Acts 23While down in the barracks, the Lord stands by him saying, “Keep up your courage!” (v. 11).  If you’re struggling today, repeat those words to yourself and know that God stands by you.

Wednesday:   Acts 24Paul is moving up the ladder; now he defends himself against the governor, and he does it “cheerfully” (v. 10).  How could Paul have such a tough confrontation “cheerfully”?  Have you ever found yourself eerily calm in a situation like that? 

Thursday:  Acts 25Paul appeals to the emperor, which means he will be sent to Rome to testify – just as God told him (see 23:11, for example).  Have you ever had a sense that God was calling you to a certain place?  How did you know that call was from God? 

Friday:  Acts 26Paul tells his story of coming to Jesus yet again!  That might seem repetitive, but it helps to tell the story of how we came to Christ over and over – it’s our most important story, and one we want to know well.  Practice telling your story today, out loud.

Saturday:  Acts 27-28Paul survives a storm and a shipwreck and finally arrives in Rome.  Acts ends with Paul living in Rome and proclaiming the gospel.  We don’t know for sure, but tradition holds that Paul was eventually martyred for his faith.  How do you think Paul’s life went from here?  If Paul was killed, why does Acts end here – and not with his death?

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