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  • We Can't Stay Here February 23, 2020
    Luke 9:28-36 In just a few weeks the Browns are heading to Florida for spring break.  I’m pretty excited aboutContinue reading
  • Church on a Hill February 16, 2020
    Matthew 5:13-16 Today we’re going to talk about something that seems really obvious… but is actually really important:  Where ourContinue reading
  • Having Fun Together February 10, 2020
    “He went up the mountain and called to him those whom he wanted, and they came to him.  And heContinue reading

Daily Scripture Readings

Daily Suggested Scripture Readings

Take time this week to sit with each of the Beatitudes.  You might read them out loud, then set a time for 10 minutes and either sit in silence or journal your thoughts, listening for what God has to say to you through those particular blessings.

Monday:  Matthew 5:1-3

Tuesday:  Matthew 5:4-5

Wednesday:  Matthew 5:6

Thursday:  Matthew 5:7-8

Friday:  Matthew 5:9

Saturday:  Matthew 5:10-12


Weekly E-News

Recent Sermons

If you missed church this week, we missed you there! Click the button below to view recent sermons or the video player to view the most recent sermon from Pastor Mary Brown.

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