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“Some things never change…” 

This song from Disney’s Frozen 2 is in my head today.  I keep hearing Anna sing to Olaf about how, while some things do change, we can always depend on “certain certainties.”  We’re living into that in a very real way!  In this email you’ll find evidence that some things at Sylva FUMC have changed (and will likely keep changing over the weeks to come).  But you’ll also read about things that will never change:  we will keep worshiping, keep praying, keep serving, and keep being the body of Christ!

So hang in there, Sylva FUMC family.  God is still good, all the time!

Much love,
Pastor Mary

New Office Protocol

While the Sylva FUMC staff continues to serve Christ and serve you, we have adjusted our daily operations to ensure everyone’s safety:

  • We are now “by appointment only.”  Please call or email before coming to visit.
  • If you come to the office, know that we will politely remind you to sanitize your hands and maintain a safe 6-foot distance.  Please do not come to the office if you are feeling unwell.
  • Many of our staff are working from home more frequently.  Don’t forget that you can find all their emails on our website.  Christie is in the office most mornings and Janis is checking the church voicemail regularly.  You can reach Mary (828-557-2773) and Jessica (828-455-2696) on their cell phones.

Faith LAB on Fasting – tomorrow at 6pm!

Ever wanted to try fasting as a spiritual discipline?  Or wondered why people fast?  Tomorrow (Wednesday) plan to fast until 3pm.  Skip breakfast and dinner – and spend those times in prayer instead.  Then log in to Zoom at 6pm and join Pastor Mary to debrief the experience.  (If you haven’t used Zoom before, you’ll want to head to that link ahead of time to complete the brief download.)

Keep livestreaming with us!

It’s been a real gift to get to continue worship on Sunday mornings through our Facebook page!  This week at 10am we’ll reflect on Jesus’ example for us in prayer.  Be ready to interact with us by:

  • Sharing your prayer requests in the comments during the prayer time
  • Making your offering ahead of time and we’ll say a prayer of blessing over those during the service
  • Be ready to share how you’re finding time and space to pray in the midst of “social distancing” during the sermon

And don’t forget that we publish the videos – and daily suggested Scripture readings – on our website on Monday mornings.