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“Spiritual disciplines” are things we do to stay in love with God and grow in faith.  They can be things we do alone or together; they can be ways to spend time with God or to serve others.  As the people of Sylva First UMC share one of their spiritual disciplines with you each week, we hope it will inspire you to new ways of loving God and growing in faith.

God is so good!
Starting my day with Him in the word is awesome. He takes the worries and tension of the day off of my shoulders and fills me with energy and strength to take on the day. This is huge. It allows me to search for God within everything else going on around me.
This opportunity to connect with Him goes hand in hand with the opportunity to sing praise and worship to him at the end of the day and/or on my drive home. This is the absolute best! Singing praise to the creator of the universe is the most assuring and peaceful experience. Knowing that regardless of what the next moment holds, the same God filling me with joy and serenity is going to be there to guide me in the every step of life.
In short, seeking Christ before anything else and praising Him with song magnifies His love for me in more ways than I could ever imagine and reveal more of His power, strength, and glory!
Jack is a second year student at Western NC University and a regular vocalist with the Sylva FUMC Praise Band.