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Worship with us on Sunday at 10am!

Worship begins at 10am.  We welcome you to join us early to connect with others!  We'll have coffee and treats ready at church by 9:30am.  Preroll for the Facebook and YouTube feeds begin at 9:50am.  

Masks are optional.  We have N-95 masks available for those who might want them.


Coming Up In Worship:


12/11 - Our Christmas Cantata will take place this Sunday during our 10am service featuring our praise band, choir, guest musicians, and a live nativity.


12/18 - Third Sunday in Advent. Pastor Mary will preach on the Ghost of Christmas Past from "A Christmas Carol".


12/24 - Christmas Eve Service at 6pm. Featuring lots of carols to sing along with!


This Week's Worship Service

All our services are found on our YouTube page; direct link updated each week after Sunday's service.

Daily Scripture Readings

During the first week of Advent the Lectionary (traditional church calendar) invites us to anticipate the day when Christ will come again. How do these Scriptures prepare your heart to celebrate Jesus’ birth?

Monday: Isaiah 11:1-10

Tuesday: Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19

Wednesday: Romans 15:4-13

Thursday: Matthew 3:1-12

Friday: Isaiah 40:1-11

Saturday: Mark 1:1-8



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