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Worship with us on Sunday at 10am!

Worship begins at 10am.  We welcome you to join us early to connect with others!  We'll have coffee and treats ready at church by 9:30am.  Preroll for the Facebook and YouTube feeds begin at 9:50am.  

Masks are optional.  We have N-95 masks available for those who might want them.

Coming Up In Worship:


  • 3/19 - We will look at the story of the blind man from John 9.
  • 3/26 - We will continue our "How He Loves Us" sermon series by looking at the story of Lazarus from John 11.
  • 4/2 - We will commemorate Palm Sunday and also look towards Holy Week in our service.

This Week's Worship Service

All our services are found on our YouTube page; direct link updated each week after Sunday's service.









Daily Scripture Readings

Lent is a great time to read a gospel from beginning to end.  If you’ve been following along with us, this week we will finish the gospel of John and turn to Luke, picking up after the story of Jesus’ birth.

Monday:  John 19

Tuesday:  John 20

Wednesday:  John 21

Thursday:  Luke 5

Friday:  Luke 6

Saturday:  Luke 7


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  • Jesus Loves a Blind Man March 19, 2023
    John 9:1-12  Jesus loves you – this I know, for the Bible tells me so.  It tells me in stories about how Jesus loved people much like you. Like Nicodemus, who came to talk to Jesus “after hours.”  Sometimes that’s us, desperately wanting to talk to Jesus when we should be sleeping.  Or the woman... […]
  • Jesus Loves a Woman at a Well March 19, 2023
    John 4:7-26 “Jesus loves me, this I know – for the Bible tells me so.” The Bible tells us point blank:  “For God so loved the world…”  But when it comes to knowing that someone loves us, we don’t want to just hear it – we want to see it.  In the stories about Jesus... […]
  • Jesus Loved Nicodemus March 7, 2023
    John 3:1-17 Jesus loves me, this I know… I learned this early on.  I’ve known it my whole life.  And yet – there’s a difference between knowing it and feeling it.  For as long as I’ve known that “Jesus loves me,” there have also been periods where I didn’t feel loved. In those moments, it... […]