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Worship with us on Sunday at 10am!

Worship begins at 10am.  We welcome you to join us early to connect with others!  We'll have coffee and treats ready at church by 9:30am.  Preroll for the Facebook and YouTube feeds begin at 9:50am.  

Masks are optional as Jackson County continues to be at a low/green COVID-19 Community Level.  We will have N-95 masks available for those who might need them.


This Week's Worship Service

All our services are found on our YouTube page; direct link updated each week after Sunday's service.

Discussion questions for 8/14/2022 worship

  1. Do you have any experience sowing seeds?  Is it easy to get something to grow, or hard?
  2. Which kind of soil do you relate to in this parable?
  3. How can you share God’s message and love in a way that resembles the sower?

Daily Scripture Readings

As we finish our summer listening to Jesus’ stories, it’s a good week to revisit some of the best-known among them.  As you read these, ask yourself:  Why are these stories so popular?  Which characters do you relate you?  What do they tell you about the nature of God?  How do they challenge you?  

Monday:  The Good Samaritan:  Luke 10:25-37

Tuesday:  The Sower:  Matthew 13:3-9

Wednesday:  The Prodigal Son:  Luke 15:11-32

Thursday:  The Workers in the Vineyard:  Matthew 20:1-16

Friday:   The Talents:  Matthew 25:14-30

Saturday:  The Sheep and the Goats:  Matthew 25:31-46

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  • Small-but-Grand August 7, 2022
    Luke 18:9-14  In Luke 18 Jesus tells a story that takes place – right here!  In church!  (Well, in the temple, which is different in some significant ways… but similar enough we can act it out in our sanctuary.) So during worship, when I preached this sermon, I asked for two volunteers.  One who would... […]
  • The Parable of the Prodigal Son… *and* the Older Brother August 1, 2022
    Luke 15:11-32           This summer we’re listening to the stories that Jesus told.  It’s been fun to preach, because they’re good stories – relatable stories.  Stories about borrowing from a neighbor, helping a stranger, throwing a party, saving for the future.  In Luke 15 we get one of the most famous stories of all:  the... […]
  • If Jesus Were a Wedding Planner July 17, 2022
    Luke 14:7-14 I love to sit at a table like this. A place saved, just for me. Most often, I sit at a place like this at a wedding.  After the ceremony is over we make our way to the reception; we scan the tables for a place card with our name on it.  It... […]